Travel Between Shards

Travel between shards
While relatively isolated, there are ways to travel between shards, with varying degrees of difficulty.

Built by the nomadic Gith, airships have a core engine that no other shard has managed to duplicate, so even airships owned by other shards were once Gith. Airship travel is long, and the void between shards does contain dangers, but is the most straightforward way to move between shards. The 13 kingdoms refuse to allow an airship to be taken away from

Farcasters are rooms, rune circles, or other locations that can be used to move everything within to a specific location instantaneously. Nobody knows how to construct a Farcaster, or modify how they function. Adventuring parties sometimes travel through Farcasters, however there is not always a way to return. There are some Farcasters that link locations within the 13 kingdoms, and the Star Tower holds Farcasters to and from all kingdoms.

Portals link two locations together, creating the possibility to walk through a ‘doorway’ between distant locations, and while portals are open, the two places are, for all intents and purposes, next to each other. There are existing portals, like Farcasters, however mages in the 13 kingdoms have had more luck reverse engineering the portal magic, and have developed limited additional functions, as well as ways to link locations to existing portals. The two major variety of fixed portal are Permanent portals which are always open, and activated portals, that require a triggering event, although mages can often bypass these.

Fey Passage
The fey is a strange land, so vast that it may touch every shard in the Astral Sea. As such, it is possible to travel on foot between shards, and the distances seem inconsistent with real geography. Since both entering and leaving the fey are almost impossible to do deliberately, travelling through the fey is almost never a deliberate action, and emerging is a rarity.

Travel Between Shards

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