The Awlings

Part river, part swamp, the fruitful land of The Awlings is definitely the dampest kingdom around.

The shape of The Awlings is slightly tilted up at the edge, causing the water that comes from its weeping stones to pool as much as flow away. It also likely has the most weeping stone, with it being incredibly easy to find.

The Awlings is split into three kinds of terrain. There are rivers, that flow with clear fresh water, often miles wide, and the homes of most inhabitants. There is ‘dry land’, defined as any area that sits at most 1 foot below the surface of the water, and then there are the swamplands, where the water pools and does not move.

There is also the only ocean in the 13 kingdoms, a massive pool of deep water which must be skirted for all who wish to keep their ships, but whose shallows offer pearls and a surprising number of precious stones. Some already fashioned.

Most people in The Awlings live on rafts, though many are moored, and entire towns exist that are all rafts, but never moved, some even with center poles, or even living trees, that moor them in place.

There is only one true city in The Awlings

The Awlings

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