Star Tower

Orbiting all 13 kingdoms is Star Tower, the source of light for all kingdoms. Made of residuum and other stone, it has been hollowed out and shaped for use as a seat of governance. Its orbit brings it near enough to make contact with every kingdom, and it acts as neutral ground.

The whole city constantly glows, and carpets and tapestries are laid out wherever those around can afford it. Because of the still ample supply of residuum, the best mage’s schools in the 13 kingdoms can be found here. There is also an airship port, with most of the ships in the kingdoms owned by Star Tower governance, and it being the major docking point for visiting Gith.

The tower breaks into 8 large levels, which hold between 5000 and 25000 people each, with the middle levels being the largest. The 3rd and 4th hold the mage’s districts, the farcasters, and the two major colleges of magic. The 7th hosts the government of the tower, with the 5th and 6th holding those who associate with the ambassadors as well as personal garrisons. The entire 8th layer is the palace of the oligarchs. The 2nd is the commons, while the 1st is the docks. Overall, there are almost 150 000 people in the tower.

Star tower holds three major political bodies. The first are the ambassadors, 3 from each Kingdom (appointed by their kingdom’s ruler), who form a council of 39. These ambassadors are responsible for nearly all inter-Kingdom agreements, and the council as a whole makes most day-to-day decisions, including all decisions that affect 3 or fewer kingdoms. Since ambassadors often negotiate with the various rulers of kingdoms themselves, some are often not present, and generally let another from their kingdom vote for them.

While each Kingdom chooses its ambassadors how they want, ambassadors serve for 9 years, and cannot be removed once put in place, and many wield considerable power. For democratic etc kingdoms, who gets to appoint an ambassador is very important.

The oligarchs make all decisions related to four or more kingdoms, and can overrule any decision made by the ambassadorial council on other matters. They are the only people allowed to employ the star tower garrison, and can conscript people from any Kingdom even for non-war activities such as construction projects.

To become an oligarch, you must be elected to the position by the ambassadorial council, while also being a member of said council. Oligarchs are elected for life.

Star tower has its own governing body who manage all the city’s business. While ostensibly reporting to the oligarchy, the city officials are allowed to run the place mostly how they like, while the oligarchs focus on the kingdoms.

A matter that affects only one Kingdom is not subject to any oversight by any governance in star city.

Need to have the kingdoms before I decide more about the oligarchs. :P

Ps. Star tower is not a Kingdom, and so technically has no representation.

Star tower, not being a shard, has not fey connection and imports or magically creates all its food, while having several fountains that run the entire length of the tower. Its people mix the cultures and races of all the kingdoms, although almost everyone in star tower displays opulence in their dress, and shows of wealth are common and accepted.

Star Tower

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