Magic is very common in the world, but it is rare to harness it. While some places such as Star City run on it, some shards are essentially magic free.

Arcane Magic
The magic native to the Astral sea, arcane magic burns residuum to create amazing effects. Arcane magic follows mathematical formulae which are used in the casting of spells. Many potential casters aim to infuse their own body with residuum, so it can be used as an energy source. Some who are particularly attuned to the astral sea become capable of intuiting the understanding of the arcane without study. Casters on some shards have had to do without any naturally occurring residuum, and found other components that can be used to trigger spells. Sometimes referred to as the magic of the mind.

Divine Magic
The magic of souls, referred to alternately as the magic of the soul, or deific magic, divine magic is integrally linked to people, and divinities in ways nobody truly understands. Most divine casters claim an inspiration or cause that drives them, and creates the knowledge to perform their miracles. Gods have also shown the ability to directly bequeath this power to those they favour.

Fey Magic
Often referred to as ‘old magic’, the fey magic derives from the other world of the same name, and is seen to be a reflection of the worlds that once were, drawing on their essence, rather than their remnants. Fey magic is adept at messing with plants etc.


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