History Sources

The Cosmologica

Focused on gaining an understanding of all aspects of shards, the Cosmologica hosts the largest collection of knowledge in all the kingdoms. While founded to have formal study of all 13 kingdoms, the Cosmologica has expanded greatly in scope, and now accepts academics in almost any field. To be published in the Cosmologica’s library is the greatest achievement a scholar can have, and any real expert is at least aiming to be published there.

Along with an incredible collection of texts, they also hold a massive array of artefacts from many shards, from soil collections from more than 200 shards, and covering some 1500 samples from among the 13 kingdoms, to 4 skeletons of the dragon tyrants, and two preserved corpses kept for study, all the way through to heroic weapons and imprints of demonic energy.

As a college of the arcane, it is generally placed in the top five of all the kingdoms, though at the bottom of the list.

Landoch, the bard
A person of myth as well as a creator of myth, Landoch has written songs about every major event that has occurred in the history of the 13 kingdoms, as well as many, many others. While it is clear that Landoch was from one of the 3 kingdoms United, more than this always remains murky. Not even a clear understanding of if Landoch is a single immortal bard, maybe even a god, or instead a legacy of bards from every era exists. For most though, Landoch’s sagas inform the history of the kingdoms, more than any written history.

Noviny Morningstear
A human bard, born KE 1022, died 1046 KE. Noviny is famous in part for his self-agrandizing stories and the path of fame he blazed across Star Tower. His larger contributions is Noviny’s Abridged (and bastardised) Landoch, which condenses many of Landoch’s stories. Noviny provides the most complete commentary on all of Landoch’s and demonstrates considerable historical scholarship in viewing Landoch’s stories.

No bards will help share the stories, as they believe them to be an affront, however the Abridged Landoch was originally held in The Cosmologica, and with the increase of ease in printing in 1211, the book was published to wild success, and has since entered fairly common knowledge.

The drow archives
While mostly a history outside of the 13 kingdoms, the drow archives have a more complete history since the ragnarok than anything within the 13 kingdoms, including references to all times the drow have impacted the kingdoms, as well as quite a different approach to the kingdoms themselves, as well as the most accessible knowledge of occurrences beyond the Kingdoms.

Githzerai commandment
This text is the holy text of the githzerai, but is constantly added to with parables from situations the githzerai have encountered. For information beyond the kingdoms, as well as an outsider perspective on some of the internal politics of the kingdoms, the githzerai commandments are a good place to go. Also important for zerai followers.

History Sources

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