The shard of Gruumin has had an incredibly violent history, and while it sits near the verdant Arcadia, its own lands have been ravaged by so many conflicts that they are little more than scraggly Savannah interspersed with dessert.

The shard’s history has in large part been the story of Gruumsh using its populace as nothing more than a resource to wage his petty wars. The god himself would walk the plane and promote warlords, while forcing those who could not or would not fight into desperate conditions.

Once freed of Gruumsh, it was still more than a thousand years before a stable community emerged from all the tribes to create any sense of unity. Currently only the Khan of Khans, a Tiefling called Fortune, holds the shard together as a nation.

Gruumin is a hard land, but one that seems on the track to becoming a true power among the kingdoms. It has taken hundreds of years, with many false steps, but under Fortune, they are working to rebuild the land itself so that the kingdom can flourish.

The Mountain Temple
This building is created from an entire mountain, carved out and fashioned into weapons in honour of Gruumsh. Once its entire face ran with blood in celebration of the violent god, but these days it sits empty, beyond the horrors that were created of those killed within it. The Mountain Temple is a place used across much of the kingdoms as a truly cursed place.

The Cracked Plain
A piece of land so shattered that the fissures run right through the shard, letting one see the stars below. This was the place where Gruumsh tore apart Asmodeus, splitting the essence into fragments and casting them into souls across the kingdoms.

The capital city of Gruumin, Fellston sits at the very edge of the shard, nearest Arcadia, where the land is most generous. Fellston formed organically as people needed it, and has reached a massive size, with hundreds of twisting alleyways, and several million people. It is one of the largest cities in the Kingdoms.

Gruumin has as many languages as it has tribes. All speak Arcadian as well, while the Gruumin native tongue is spoken only in places that still see the time of Gruumsh as the glory days.

Gruumin people have a reputation for gruffness and harshness among those who do not know them, however most who have spent time with a Gruumin of any race tends to find them an extremely passionate people, and more stubbornly determined than almost any others.

In the last two hundred years, they have greatly strengthened their ties with the Star Tower, and as much as their relative poverty allows they keep up with the fashions of the place.


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