The kingdom of Dro’Daen has often been referred to as ‘the demon-queen’s web’, and while there is some offence in it, looking at the plane, or exploring it makes it easy to see why. The entire shard is an incredible network of tunnels, appearing like the complex and overlapping web of a spider.

The people of Dro’Daen are almost exclusively drow, who form cities among the tunnels, and live on a diet of fungi and subterranean species that horrifies more refined palates. No place in the kingdoms seems as connected to the demonic realms, and the passages of Dro’Daen are said to be some of the most deadly places one can be in the Kingdoms.

Lolth’s Lair
Somewhere in the maze of tunnels is the lair of the spider-queen herself. Goddess, demon, the spider-queen, whichever you choose to call her. She watches over her people, guiding them occasionally, encouraging them to hone themselves in subtlety and violence. One of the best libraries in the world sits in Lolth’s own lair, or so the Dro’Daen say.

The Dro’Daen share with all elves a long view of events, and a penchant for great mirth at the world around them. They are more prone to violence, with their laws allowing and encouraging many kinds of formal duels, and even certain kinds of assassination.

The society is highly matriarchal, with only women being allowed to hold office, care for the giant spiders which are the society’s pride and joy, and own property. While men can hold status when they enter into a formal concubinal relationship to a woman, outside of this they are very politically vulnerable.

Dro’Daen shares no common lineage with any other language in the Kingdoms, but does share with the demonic tongues. All Dro’Daen are required to learn Zhentish and Arcadian.


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