A relatively small shard with a collection of rolling hills. Arcadia is opposite Epnosi among the shards, and very close to Gruumin, with the two having had bridges cross the expanse at times. Arcadia’s hills have proven incredibly fertile, although the majority of the population lives in the three major cities, with a standing army that patrols the lands between.

There are buildings throughout Arcadia that date to before the armaggedon and the transeation.

Built in a pre-transeation city, with buildings carefully preserved trough the millenia, Heiropolis is the seat of governance on Arcadia, boasting a democratic council led by a group of elders. Heiropolis boasts the second greatest college of magic in the kingdoms.

The kingdom closest to the edge of the shard, Nicopolis was established as a war camp during an early clash with Gruumin, and by the time the Kingdoms put an end to the conflict, it had become so large that it was a city in its own right. Every citizen of Arcadia spends five years in the army, and that time always starts in Nicopolis.

The administrative city is technically its own state, however in practice is a vassal-state to Heiropolis. This city was established to provide a base from which to oversee the farmlands, and in doing so manage them, as well as the slaves who tend the land.

The vast majority of people living in Agripolis are not citizens, being either slaves, former slaves, or the unfortunates, those whose families who have lost their citizenship rights. Beyond Star Tower, this is one of the most culturally diverse cities, and has produced some great politicians.

The Arcadian language is one of the three major root languages for shards, alongside Zhent and Epnosi.

The People
Arcadians tend to believe they are the greatest of shards, led by the goddess Athena, and often declare themselves the protectors of the Kingdoms. Despite this, in real terms their deity is more important than themselves.

They have eschewed more modern garments in favour of their traditional belted tunics, and occasional leggings for colder patches.


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