The foodbowl of the kingdoms. The title is horribly inaccurate, since only a few of the kingdoms are rich enough to import, but Alwnick is definitely blessed with an abundance of fertile ground.

Alnwick is a shard heavily linked with the feywild, and through much of its history, the worship of the Fey royalty has been accepted doctrine. The land is almost all agricultural, with only two major cities, the rest being sporadic towns of farmers, with a few large ones along rivers. Halflings travel the rivers carrying the fields’ produce to the markets where they are needed.

The history of this land has become darker of late. While it has been conquered by several of the other Kingdoms, the sheer wealth of the land, and lack of other wealth, have generally allowed the people to get on with their lives. Since the shard’s god, the Green Man, tried to destroy the star itself, the land has been drawn into conflict.

The Green Man has left, but those who remain are divided between those who maintain their reverence for him and the fey, and those who reject him, and look to the advancing technology of the other Kingdoms as something to embrace.

The people of Alnwick dress in plain clothes, generally wool. They also allow all their hair to grow out, and keep it combed to show off the full length of it. They wear wooden charms pinned to their clothing, and those who can afford dyes tend to use a mixture of greens and oranges. There are very few metals on Alnwick, so wooden trading chits are generally used instead.

Alnwickins are generally thought to be fat, a bit slow-witted, and complacent in the way things are. They show a reverence for plantlife, and mix in words from the fey.

Predominantly Epsoni.


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