Tock Logmerrdremmendoll

A paunchy dwarf who is an innkeeper on Star Tower, and is possibly too fond of his own wares.


Tock is the proud owner of Tocker’s Inn, located on the second level of Star Tower, near the Saorla Waterfall, and with windows looking out at the kingdoms below, a rare treat in the cavernous interior of the shard.

Tock speaks mostly in Epnosi, with a thick Realtan accent layering it. During the evening, the dwarf tends to sit with his patrons, allowing a couple of servants run of the place while he enjoys the atmosphere and company of the inn.

He enjoys meeting people and hearing their stories, and has a picture of the bard, Landoch, behind his counter.

While his clothes are of fine make, he rarely seems to take care of them, and despite his comfortable wealth, he seems to let his appearance go a bit wild, in contrast to the heavily styled people of Star Tower.

Tock Logmerrdremmendoll

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