Murren Ono

Earnest Orc Samurai


The Ono family was formed when the orc chief Muraabar abandoned Gruumin to avoid the never-ending conflict and strife caused by their god Gruumsh. He traveled with his partner and child as well as other friends to the land of Kisetsu hoping to begin a more peaceful life.
Upon arrival they took on the name of Ono (Axe) and worked hard to assimilate with the native culture. The Ono family has survived and prospered over the centuries and while it does not have many members their wealth and influence have become substantial.

Both Kataki and Murren were entered into the Path of Wisdom and Courage respectively from a young age. Koran was practically ignored by his father due to causing Nao’s death however was encouraged by Murren to become a monk, he is now training under Falk Firebrand an Orc Monk with a specialty in using Fire and a distant relation to the Ono family.

Kataki – Elder sister : Aspiring Politician Member of the Path of Wisdom Cleric Age 22
Koran – Younger brother : Young Monk Trainee Small and disliked by Father and Sister Age 15
Tan – Father : Head of House, Grooming Kataki to become the next family head. Warrior Age 40
Nao – Mother : Died giving birth to Koran, Human

Murren Ono

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