History or at least a very very very brief history and sketch of the kingdoms
History Sources
The World
Travel Between Shards
Star Tower
Worldbuilding some rough questions to ask

The Legend
Once there were many worlds, until the Ragnarok occurred. While it was meant to destroy all, the gods each worked to save those bits of it that were important to them. Each took what they were able and made it their demesne. These Demesne’s, now called Shards, form the Sea of Stars.


The Heroes
The 13 Kingdoms are vast, and with many adventures possible. Most never leave their own shard, nor see a person from another Shard. For those who do, life can become very complex.

The 13 Kingdoms:
Star Tower – Ben designed, not technically one of the 13 kingdoms, seat of governance

  1. Zhent
  2. Kali
  3. Epnos
  4. The Cube
  5. Birin
  6. Kisetsu
  7. The Awlings
  8. Arcadia
  9. Gruumin
  10. Alnwick
  11. Dro’Daen
  12. Sharaza
  13. Realtin

The Sea of Stars

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